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Expo offers outdoor machinery

March 25, 2006

Albany -- Fifteen venders from all over south Georgia were in Albany today selling outdoor and farming equipment. It was the semi-annual spring Regular Joe Expo.

Sales reps brought machinery like tractor trailers, boats, cars and lawn mowers to put on display. Many said it is a good time to show off outdoor equipment since weather is warming up.

Some say they think Albany is a good place to have the expo because it is a busy part of south Georgia.

"A lot of people come out here that wouldn't come down to the dealership. Out shopping for groceries, riding around on the weekends," said Albany Tractor representative Billy Brown.

"With this carnival type atmosphere it just draws people in. Especially with this weather we're having," said Wingfield Ag & Lawn of Leesburg owner Neil Wingfield.

ClearChannel radio sponsored the event and say there was a great turnout and hope people come out again for the fall expo.

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