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Moultrie police and community team up to fight crime

March 25, 2006

Moultrie -- Law enforcement and citizens in the Moultrie community are working together to keep crime rates low on their streets. Neighbors in the R.B. Wright and Wire Grass neighborhoods got the chance to meet and greet each other today.

Eleven community oriented programs have been set up in the city of Moultrie. These programs are a partnership between neighborhoods and local police to fight crimes. Some as minor as trespassing or even crimes that could be deadly.

I didn't know you all were my neighbors," said Jenny Ray.

Getting to know a neighbor is the first step in jumpstarting a neighborhood watch program.

 Stephanie Rowe has two children and is concerned about keeping them safe with help from a neighbor.

"A neighborhood watch is good for every neighborhood because it helps keep the crime out if you work together to keep the crime out," said Stephanie Rowe.

Neighbors can help look out for suspicious activity. Police say that's an effective way to fight against crime.

"People are there in those communities 24/7, all day long. They're there even when we're not able to be there," said Sgt. Roger Miller of Moultrie Police Department.

If people see something out of place they are asked to call police, even if it's not their home.

"Criminals are lazy and if there's a challege they'll go somewhere else," said Neighborhood Watch president Bill Acuff.

Stephanie Rowe has taught her son Ulysses Upshaw what to do if he sees a stranger near his home.

"Lock your doors call the police and unlock your doors when they come," said Ulysses Upshaw.

That is what Moultrie police want these neighbors to do to keep an effective neighborhood watch in clear focus.

Members of the Neighborhood watch program say they feel safe knowing others are looking out for them. Moultrie police have an anonymous tip line to call if you do see anything unusual. That number is 873-3198.