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Albany State honors faculty and students

March 24, 2006

Albany--Some of the leaders of tomorrow, and their teachers were honored at Albany State University today. Many students were recognized for high academic achievements.

A-S-U honored it's teacher of the year Dr. Kimberly Fields, a well as their researcher of the year, Dr. Jonathan Elimimian. This year's guest speaker was Dr. Melanie Shorter, an Albany native and 1996 graduate of Albany State University. Shorter talked about the importance of education, and why students need to take advantage of the resources that Albany State gives to it's students.

"I wanted them to know that it is about the person, and there are so many opport here on this campus. There is so much you can take advantage of, that you can blossom and you can grow into something un-believable" said Dr. Melanie Shorter.

The honors day convocation theme was "sailing into a new era". Seventy nine freshmen were also honored during the event for having grade point averages of 3.5 or higher.

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