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Breathalyzer won't allow drunk driving

March 23, 2006

Albany -- If you lose your drivers license because of DUI's, a breathalizer will be standard equipment on your car.

The Ignition Interlock Driver Program requires drivers to breathe into a device before their cars will start.

 If there is any trace of alcohol on the person's breath, the car won't start.

"The purpose of the interlock is to catch habitual violators, repeat offenders. Stop those people because they are the ones who don't really understand you can't keep drinking and driving," said Lifesaver Interlock of South Georgia owner Dennis Irby.

Drivers ordered by a judge to have an interlock breathalizer installed will have to breathe into the device every 3 to 15 minutes while the car is in drive.

If the device picks up a trace of alcohol, the car won't start again until unlocked by the installer.



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