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Burglary leaves victims feeling violated

March 23, 2006

Albany -- While burglary isn't considered a violent crime, it certainly leaves it victims feeling violated. Seventeen-hundred people found that out in Albany last year alone.

Burglaries are reported to the Albany Police Department nearly everyday, and police say many of them occur when no one is home. Such was the case of Teresa Schofill and it's something she'll never forget.

"The front door had been kicked...All the drawers were open and stuff had been gone through," remembered Schofill.

Teresa Schofill remembers when her Albany home was burglarized three years ago. It left her feeling unsafe in her own home.

"About a week later when we were about to move that's when I started looking through my little file folder and realized there was paperwork that was missing," said Schofill.

Important documents like bills with which someone could have stolen her identity.

Twenty-seven were reported to Albany Police last week. Burglaries that happen in people's homes like these behind me. Investigators say many of these cases remain unsolved.

 "There's no alarm on the house. There's no eyewitness. The only other thing you can depend on is trace evidence like latent prints," explain Lt. Hosea Miller of Albany Police Department.

Evidence left behind in Teresa Schofill's case wasn't enough to give her closure.

"After your home's been invaded and you feel like someone that you don't know came in here and they were after someone. That kinda, it takes a while," said Schofill.

chofill won't forget her experience, but she will keep a watchful eye over her home to make sure she won't be a victim again.

She has moved on from her experience, but she will always remember that feeling that someone broke into her home, a place where most say you should always feel safe.

Teresa Schofill says she would like police to do more follow-ups on crimes like burglaries because she said she never got a call back.

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