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ASU helps fill big need

March 23, 2006

Albany -- While Homeland Defense and new technology are requiring more and better trained crime fighters, there is a shortage of qualified law enforcement officers across the nation.

One of the fastest growing majors at Albany State University is forensic science. The program started with just a handful of students a few years ago. Now they have 232 people majoring in the program.

One is Marcos Mackland, a junior from Atlanta. He admits TV shows like CSI got him interested in the field, and now he has a passion for using science to solve crimes. "I was always interested in it. I'm the type, I like who done it type crimes. I just always wanted to find out, it's just interesting to me."

Mackland says he knows there are a lot of job openings in his field, and he hopes to have his choice of those jobs after he graduates.

Albany State has graduated nine students with forensic science majors, and all nine are now working in law enforcement labs.


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