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Cold snap concerns farmers

March 23, 2006

Lee County -- Georgia farmers will keep a close eye on the thermometer this weekend, as a cold snap moves through the South. Freezing temperatures are forecast overnight Friday and Saturday for most of the state, and could harm some crops.

Farm Service Agency Lee County Executive Director Hank Hammond said, "A long sustained freezing temperatures or frost could possibly hurt the blooms on pecans trees. Also on the corn."

Most the pecan growers in Southwest Georgia said they don't think it will be below freezing long enough to hurt their trees. But central and north Georgia farmers could have problems.

"They are just wondering what is Mother Nature going to bring them this weekend," Hammond said.

For the last two years severe weather has hurt Georgia growers. Now some are worried that cold weather could start their season on a down note, then forecasters predict a heavy Hurricane season, with the possibility of storm winds ruining their harvest in September.

Hammond said, "our peanuts are on top of the ground, our pecans are dropping, our cotton is ready to be picked. This couldn't come at a worst time a lot of times when these Hurricanes show up."


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