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A violent night in Bainbridge

March 23, 2006

Bainbridge -- Two people were wounded in separate drive by shootings, and police think the same person is responsible for both.

A window on Pine Street tells the tale. At least eight rounds from a .25 caliber pistol cut through Jemial Herring's bedroom window as he and his girlfriend slept early this morning. Herring was shot in the neck, right side and right leg, Rachael Harris was not hurt.

Eleven minutes later, police received another call just blocks away. "The bullet went through the window and lodged up in her nose and she's a very lucky girl," said Katrine Ward, The Main Tamer Owner.

Dana Toliver, 23, who lives above The Mane Tamer Salon had been shot. The bullet pierced her apartment door. "She was inside the hallway yes, and she said she just laid there a few minutes to, she was actually scared he was going to shoot here again, and she said me and the dog just laid on the floor for a little while," Ward said.

Toliver used to work at the beauty shop and called 911 herself. At the hospital she called Katrine the owner. "Mainly that she was just thankful that she wasn't hurt any worse," said Ward.

Toliver and Herring were both rushed to a Tallahassee hospital. Toliver was scheduled for surgery this afternoon. "That's what Dana said at the hospital, Miss Katrine I have a bullet in my nose, and I think she was in shock to realize that but the way she said it we laughed, and she said 'Well maybe that's what we need to do is laugh some.'"

Police were able to question both victims in Tallahassee and expect to have more information in the case soon. Police say they do have a person of interest and expect to question that person as early as this evening.

So far no arrests have been made in the case.

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