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Neighbors fume over peculiar house

March 23, 2006

Albany -- Homeowners in one neighborhood want city leaders to stop the construction of a more-than-strange "house" going up on the street.

The owner of the building, Wiley Mustaqeem-Graydon, got a permit from the city to build a house on Maryland Avenue. But neighbors say this huge steel building is not a house.

Thursday, they told commissioners the building is an eye-sore and shouldn't be allowed in a residential area. They say Mustaqeem-Graydon first wanted to put in a business, but was denied by the planning board, and now he's just circumventing the system.

"We've worked hard to keep our house up and looking nice. That will just destroy it," said Neighbor John Skaggs.

"He's indicated that he wants to put a brick face on it or some kind of synthetic stone face on it. But then we'll just have a very large granite box there," said neighbor Ken Lessard.

Mustaqeem-Graydon says he plans to sue the city for denying his initial request to build a school of music. But to continue progress, he's constructed the building following housing rules.

Commissioners are now looking into their legal rights to file an injunction to stop the construction.


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