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Duffers welcome at Hilsman Park

March 23, 2006

Albany -- Signs prohibiting golfing are coming down at a popular Albany park. The city's Recreation Department put up the signs at Hillsman Park, after a visitor complained that golfers, practicing their swings, were endangering others. The signs claimed golfing in a the public park is against a city code.

Thursday, a group of park visitors asked city commissioners to change the rules to allow golfing. They said the code actually prohibits all games from being played at city parks, which would also mean tee-ball and touch-football games would be against the rules.

City Manager Alfred Lott said he'll review the park policy. "The signs are going to be removed. Things will go back to normal. I've directed the Recreation Director to do that. He, I, and the attorney are going to sit down and develop a course of action so we can make a recommendation to the commission."

For now, commissioners will allow golfing and another sports. But they are reviewing the law to make sure the golfer, not the city, is responsible if someone is hurt by a flying golf ball.

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