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King of the crime scenes says science change crime fighting

March 22, 2006

Albany -- A man known as a pioneer of criminal forensic science says law enforcement has changed completely because of science.

 Dr. Henry Lee worked on some of the most publicized criminal cases in the last two decades. Just like the forensics investigators you see on fictional television shows.  He uses science to find clues in crime scene evidence.

A standing ovation from cops and students who want to become forensic investigators. Dr. Henry Lee said "It's an exciting time to get involved in forensic science."

Dr. Henry Lee is sometimes called the "King of Crime Scenes." For 48 years he has investigated cases like O.J. Simpson, Elizabeth Smart, even Monica Lewinski's blue dress that led to President Clinton's impeachment. Dr. Lee said "Forensic scientists, we only look at the physical evidence. And let the chips fall."

Crime scene investigators from several law enforcement agencies came to hear Dr. Lee, who is credited with pioneering forensic science, bringing a new direction to crime fighting, a field quickly changing. Dr. Lee said "Now we start work in image enhancement, data mining, handwriting analysis, crime scene reconstruction. A slew of new technology's starting to introduce to the field."

 Now Dr. Lee is a celebrity, and hundreds of students are studying forensic science because of the popularity of TV shows like C.S.I. But Dr. Lee tells students that's just Hollywood. Dr. Lee said "It's not like TV. One person from initial response to kick the door and arrest people, to examine the evidence. We only examine the evidence."

The Chief Emeritus for the Connecticut State Police Forensic Lab, Dr. Lee still works on cold cases. Two days ago he helped Florida solve a nine year old child murder and rape case.

Albany State is the only University in Georgia to offer a forensic science degree in Criminal Justice.


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