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Speaker of the House in Moultrie

March 22, 2006

Moultrie - Dennis Hastert of Illinois is campaigning for Republican candidate Mac Collins. In Moultrie, he talked about some of the issues facing America.

Three of the issues Speaker Hastert discussed with Moultrie leaders were immigration, the war in Iraq and alternative fuels.

With illegal immigration he says a better guest work program needs to be established. He says, "There needs to be a legitimate guest worker program where people can get some type of legitimate identification, they come here, do work and then go back home."

He also thinks local, state and federal law enforcement officers need to work together on immigration. And that borders must be secure to keep out illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists.

"We are fighting terrorism where terrorism is, in the middle east," says Hastert, "and not fighting terrorism in the main streets of Savannah or Atlanta, or Tallahassee or Chicago, or New York or Philadelphia. I think that's important."

Hastert says a democracy needs to be established in Iraq, then troops can come home, slowly. "But we can't do it too quick," he says, "because you can't pull everything out that you started and not finish the job."

One way to create new jobs in the U.S., while lowering the cost of fuel, is to come up with alternative energy sources. He says, "We need to have bio-fuels, bio-mass fuels, ethanol, soy-diesel and whatever else we can put together."

And offer incentives to get it out in mass to consumers. Dennis Hastert has served as Speaker of the House since 1999.

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