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Lee commissioners debate losing landfill

March 22, 2006

Lee County-- Lee County's public works department found a solution to a landfill problem that could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars but some commissioners aren't sure if extra money should be spent on the landfill.

Federal regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency require modifications to the landfill on Highway 32. County leaders thought they may have to build a $450,000 transfer station. Public Works says they could solve the problem by extending the landfill ramp for about $27,000.

Some commissioners question if the landfill should remain open at all.

"The only concern there, two concerns actually. One is having a reasonable outlet for citizens of the county to dispose of items that they can't dispose of in household garbage and secondly illegal dumping concerns," says Public Works Director William Clark.

Commissioner Billy Mathis calls the lanfill an environmental headache and feels it should close. If it closes, Lee Countians would have to take items to a transfer station in Dougherty or Terrell County.

Public Works will look at the different options and present them to commissioners at the next meeting.

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