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Savage Released

March 20, 2006

Albany -- The 2006 season has gotten off to a rocky start for the South Georgia Wildcats who have surprisingly released their leading receiver from last season Antwone Savage.

Savage is not happy about the move and who was responsible for making it.

Antwone Savage was expected to catch a lot of touchdown passes at the Albany Civic Center this season.

But strangely the Wildcats sent their offensive specialist and leading receiver packing after just one week of training camp.

Savage says, "I am just trying to bring this out because I don't feel like I was treated right in this situation."

Wildcats head coach Donnie Davis says, "It was a tough decision to make. Don't get me wrong. It was very tough especially because I was here last season and I saw what Antwone could do."

Sources say that Savage's attitude during the first week at training camp was the reason he was let go.

But head coach Donnie Davis said that the coaching staff was treating everyone the same and that other players had performed better on the field.

"Like I said we had some guys we felt like were really doing it this year and really deserved the opportunity to play."

But Antwone Savage says Coach Davis had nothing but praise for his work in the first week of camp.

Savage also says Davis says the decision to release him was made by assistant coach Ron Hill.

"You are telling me that when you hired these coaches, you told them you were giving them the right away as to who would make the team and who wouldn't. Whereas you are the head coach and you know what I can do" says Savage.

Davis says Savage was told the team might consider bringing him back.

But Savage, who wants to play in his hometown, says when he tried to call Davis on Monday about that option, Davis would not take his call.

"This is my hometown," says Savage. "Of course I want to play in my hometown but if I am going to be treated or blackballed because of something or what some other people think about me then know I can't deal with that."

Davis says, "We may have made a mistake and we may not have. That is what you choose in this league. You have to go with your gut and move on and not be ashamed if something happens. You have to be willing to say I made a mistake. Let's try this again."

While the Wildcats coaching staff may not put much emphasis on last season, other teams will.

Savage should draw heavy interest from other AF2 teams now he is a free agent.

Leaving one to wonder why the Wildcats didn't explore trading their top offensive specialist rather than releasing him and not getting anything of value in return.

The Wildcats also released defensive back Ellitt Burkes.

The team will hold an intra-squad scrimmage tomorrow night at the Albany Civic Center.


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