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Additional arrests in church, home burglaries

March 20, 2006

Thomasville- Larry Nunnally looks over the Victory Kidz Zone's recently returned X-Box and games. They were one of the lucky ones who got their stuff back after thieves broke in three weeks ago.

"We got everything back and from what we understand from other ministers that have been into the juvenile jail, both boys have given their lives to Christ and want to turn around," said Larry Nunnally, Pastor Victory Fellowship Church.

Others, like New Covenent Church, who lost hundreds in cash were not as lucky. Two Thomasville teens are facing twelve counts of burglary and this weekend police also arrested 23 year old David Krech and 19 year old Grady County teen Randy Sadler.

"In most cases they would find windows and they would break the windows close to the doors and they would go in through the windows and get into the houses the same with the churches," said Investigator Jason Shoudel, Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

It's a crime spree police say would not have stopped if they weren't caught. In addition to the churches, the teens are also being investigated for stealing thousand of dollars in antique coins that were cashed in at local grocery stores and in Florida.

"From one residence we know that they obtained about $2,800 out of a safe. We're probably looking at total money, money that was taken is probably going to be between three and five thousand dollars," said Shoudel.

The two teens have also confessed to burglaries in Grady and Mitchell counties, but at least one of their victims is willing to forgive and forget.

"We're willing to forgive and to help them reclaim their lives if we forget it, it will just happen again, but we can help them, the Christian community can help them to make changes," said Nunnally.

And while church members want to see the teens brought to justice, they hope they'll learn a lesson from their actions and think twice about their actions.

Thomasville Police continue to question the teens about the additional burglaries in Mitchell and Grady counties. They say they will then share that information with the appropriate law enforcement agencies.



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