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Georgia Power wants to raise rates

March 20, 2006

Valdosta - Temperatures in South Georgia are on the rise, and soon, your power bills will be rising too. "Here we go again, it seems like there's inflation in everything these days," said Drew Willis, Georgia Power Customer.

Georgia Power is struggling with high energy costs.  "The primary reason for this is the hurricanes," Georgia Power Vice President.

In order to dig their way out of this financial battle, they're asking the Public Service Commission for permission to raise rates by 8.1 percent. The company is 556 million dollars in the hole and to get back on top, they'll have to pass some of the costs onto their customers. "Its just the cost of doing business," said Conner.

The average residential customer should notice an increase on their bill of about $7.22. If the Public Service Commission approves the rate hike, it will take effect this summer. "When they start receiving bills in July, after that they'll see the increase," said Conner.

Even though it means less money in their pockets, most of the customers we talked to today say the rate increase is understandable. "Economically, you got to do what you got to do as a business," said King.

And they'll be a little more energy efficient this summer to deal with the increase. "I always cut off the lights, that's one of my big things," said Willis.

The Public Service Commission is expected to hold a hearing on rate hike on May 17th and vote on the issue in June.



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