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St. Patrick's Day groundbreaking

March 17, 2006

Albany -- Albany's St. Patrick's Episcopal Church used St. Patrick's Day to celebrate the start of its new home. The congregation has been without a home of its own for five months, but today broke ground on a new site. Church members are feeling lucky this St. Patrick's Day.

Seven-year-old Harrison Spurlin is planting new life at the future home of St. Patrick's Episcopal.

"I planted a flower," said Harrison Spurlin.

In several months a 45-year-old church congregation will uproot and plant its life here as well.

"It's a good positive move for our church," said church member Steven Stocks.

With five shovels, groundbreaking of the site took place. And gave church members, clad in green, a reason to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day.

"Every time I come pass by there I think, not too long. Today was the perfect day for it," said chruch member Sylvia Berry.

"By moving we'll get a bigger church and attract more of the youth in the area so that our youth program can grow," said chuch member Alex Morschi.

And growth is why the church is getting a new home.

"We decided five years ago that it was time to expand our ministry in Albany and we were very fortunate to be able to purchase this site," said Father James Bullion.

The very site where young Harrison watches his small shamrock grow.

"I'm just gonna wait until it gets big, really big," said Harrison.

St. Patrick's congregation will watch their new church blossom as well.

The church's new location is at Byron Plantation and Old Dawson roads. Church leaders hope the new place of worship will be ready by Christmas.



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