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Circus comes to town

March 17, 2006

Albany-- The Albany Civic Center is transformed into the Big Top this weekend. Animals, trapeze artists and jugglers are all under one roof for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Folks wait in line for their tickets to the Greatest Show on Earth, a ticket that brings them inside to the world of the circus. "There will be a really great time," says performer Laura Weiss.

It's a great time of balancing acts, lots of swinging and a ring full of fun. Most kids have their favorite attraction. "Seeing the elephants and the trapeze acts," says 10-year-old Anna Laine.

"Like to watch the animals when they do the tricks, watching people do tightrope," says 11-year-old Carley Turner.

The circus also makes many adults feel like a big kid at the Big Top. "I do. I love it," says Sherry Adams, "I love the elephants. The horses, I love the horses."

It's no horsing around for Laura Weiss. It's a fun job, something she's been doing for 25 years with her husband. "We just kept on saying one more year and one more year and one year it just snowballed into a career," says Weiss.

Although New York is home, audiences and those she performs with become an extended family. "We get a new family every two years and it's very interesting. They come from all over the world," says Weiss.

But tonight, this circus family meets the families of the Good Life City. Before they leave, a clown will make us laugh. "They're funny. One year I came I was just laughing so hard," says Turner. And a dog will show us a few tricks.

They're acts that give many an escape from everyday life. "We have a wonderful time every time we come," says Adams. Great times that will be remembered well after the show packs up and moves to the next city.

There are three shows Saturday and one Sunday. Show up an hour early and you can meet some of the human and animal performers.



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