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Dumpsters can't handle all the garbage

March 17, 2006

Thomasville -- The Thomas County Department of Public Works is trying to get a handle on a messy problem. Dumpsters at several county dump sites can overflow causing a mess, that's why they're working towards adding two more compactor sites to bag the rubbish.

It's usually a mess when Robby Crawford arrives in the morning to empty the dumpster at the collection site at 188 and 202. "I found a camper top, and it looks like a piece of horse trailer, or something like that, on the ground, and a lot of couches and refrigerators and things like that," said Robby Crawford of Thomas County Public Works.

No cameras, just a dirt area with dumpsters, people tend not to care where they put their garbage. "It looked like a tornado hit it sometimes to be honest with you," Crawford said.

Usually by Sunday night these dumpsters are full and spilling onto the ground a compactor site would eliminate that problem. "They overflow onto the ground and then they get scattered out and everything so yeah, this works out a whole lot better," Crawford said.

This is just one of the county's compactor sites, a paved lot, cameras, and compactor keep garbage where it should be and more of these sites are coming, two will be added this year at Hansel Road and 202, 188. They're supposed to be talking about it on Monday.

Hansel Road was going to be first and the one at 202 and 188 and they're going to vote Monday to maybe change that and make 188, 202 more of a priority," said Maintenance Supervisor Tony Brodiford.

A priority so it can look more like this and be maintained. "They come out and they clean up rake everything, they pick up all the paper and try and keep it as neat looking as they can," said Brodiford.

Making taking out the trash a lot cleaner than it use to be. County crews just opened the newest compactor site three weeks ago. The cost of the compactor sites, about $50,000.

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