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South Georgians warned to get ready for killer bees

March 16, 2006

Albany -- Agriculture experts say they would not be surprised to find the first killer bees in Georgia this year. Now they are telling South Georgians and emergency responders to get prepared.

 University of Georgia Entomologist Dr. Keith Delaplane briefed GEMA and First Responders from the 23 county Southwest Georgia area about the danger.

Africanized Honey Bees are already in Florida and most of the Southwest United States, and could soon force their way into the European Bee colonies we are used to.

The Africanized bees are actually smaller and their venom less toxic, but they are much more aggressive. Dr. Delaplane said "I don't think most people will ever be affected. But when some unfortunates are, it will be a big story."

If you encounter an Africanized bee hive, thousands could attack you. To save yourself, run.

 Experts say most people will stand and swat and wave their hands when swarmed, and that is the worst thing you can do.

Second , Get inside an enclosed area, like a car or building.

And third, stay there. The same study of attack victims shows many people leave the safe zone because there were a few bees inside, and run back into thousands outside.

Dr. Delaplane says he has never heard of a confirmed United States death from the killer bees.



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