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Texas Hold Em takes South Georgia

March 15, 2006

Albany -- It's all the rage all over the country, Texas Hold Em. You can play for money in Vegas, but people in south Georgia have a new way to play for fun. the game is shuffling its way around the state. Four area cities are part of a nationwide poker tournament.

The cards are shuffled. Then they're dealt. Next the players make their bets.

"I made it to the final table the other night. Everybody's standing around to see who's going to go out next. So that kinda get's exciting," said poker player Kelley Doering.

Jimmie Troxell would drive two hours to Valdosta just to play.

"They play right now five nights a week, I usually play at least four nights a week,"said Troxell. 

Now all he deals with is a ten minute drive from home to have a good time with friends.

"I enjoy being around people, I just enjoy it."

The game is called Texas Hold Em and it's gaining popularity at Gumbee's in Albany where up to fifty people a night take their chances at poker tables.

"It helps promote their off days. When they're slower it helps bring business that they normally wouldn't have in sales," said Georgia Nationwide Poker Tour Director Daryl Wulf.

Wulf says players aren't betting any money, but they are accumulating points.

He says people are playing for points to make a monthly tournament, regional tournament, and national seat in the world championship in Las Vegas.

Hard core players like Jimmie Troxell play often. He hopes to have enough points to make it to a big championship one day.

"I would love to. I would love to," said Troxell. 

For now, he's at the top of his game enjoying his time with friends.

Three South Georgians have accumulated enough points to play for money in the national tournament in Phoenix, Arizona. You can play at businesses in Albany, Waycross, Valdosta, and Lake Park.

Albany Businesses:

Crowbar - Sat. 1 pm, 4 pm; Mon. 7 pm, 10 pm

Jack's - Tues. 7 pm, 10 pm

Gumbees - 7 pm, 10 pm

End Zone - 7 pm, 10 pm


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