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Medicaid patients may lose homes

March 15, 2006

Albany -- Medicaid changes in Georgia could allow the state to seize assets of nursing home patients after they die, but lawmakers are working to protect those assets. If long-term care recipients don't quit the Medicaid program by April 14th, the state will take over part of their estates when they die.

A bill passed by the house would protect $100,000 worth of property from seizure instead of the current $25,000.

Advocates for the elderly say without the higher cap, families will be forced to choose between medicaid assistance or their family homes.

"Human nature is that you would want to leave something to your children and that is the sad part. So they're going to have to choose. They're going to have to make that decision. And it's not a very easy decision for some people to make," said Elaine Wilson SOWEGA Council on Aging Ombudsman.

If you think the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program may seize your home for reimbursement, you can call the following numbers.

Georgia Senior Legal Hotline: 1-888-257-9519

Medicaid Estate Recovery Office: (770) 916-0328



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