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Planting seeds to feed the hungry

March 13, 2006

Valdosta - Armed with their seeds and shovels, the Hopkins family is ready for growing season. "We’ve got tomatoes, peas, green beans and zucchini," said Becky Hopkins.

It’s a family tradition they enjoy every spring, and this year, they’re tucking a few extra seeds in for a good cause. "You always have more than you can eat, so why not share it," said Hopkins.

America’s Second Harvest Food Bank is asking everyone with a garden to plant an extra row of vegetables and help feed hungry children. "We like corn, green beans, squash, tomatoes, carrots, anything people can give," said Shannon Zapf.

The produce will go to the Food Bank’s Kids Café program, a service that feeds more than 1,000 kids each school night in four South Georgia counties. "Sometimes these kids don’t get anything but what they eat at school, so if it weren’t for kids café, they’d go to bed hungry and that’s not good for little minds," said Zapf.

For now the food bank is feeding them canned fruits and vegetables, but fresh produce is a lot healthier. "Also, it tastes better and the kids enjoy it," said Zapf.

The Hopkins kids like fresh veggies better too. "I like butter beans," said Ellie Hopkins. That’s why they’ll spend a little extra time in their garden this year, to help feed kids who aren’t as lucky as they are.

Produce donations can be dropped off at the food bank. They will provide a tax deductible receipt.


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