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Wildcats Local Talent Ready to Succeed

March 12, 2006

Albany -- The second season officially beginning for the South Georgia Wildcats Sunday, with the organization holding the first team meeting of the year.

The Wildcats are on the field for the first day of practice Monday at Albany State, but the local colleges providing more than just a practice facility for the Cats.

The South Georgia Wildcats first season in Albany was a success at the box office, with the Civic Center repeatedly filled to capacity.

Now in their second year, the Cats are looking to pick up a lot more wins on the field this season, and head coach Donnie Davis says it starts with attitude.

"Team chemistry is important. For them to count on each other and have each others backs. That alone should add to the win total."

Fullback/Linebacker Antonio Leroy says, "We got a whole new attitude. We have some outstanding coaches here who are going to help get us over the hump, and put last season to rest."

The Wildcats will have a lot of new faces on the field this year.

Davis says, "We definitely have a lot of new players this year. These guys are coming from storied programs. They're used to winning. A lot of them have actually been teammates, and we did that on purpose."

The Cats bringing in many players from local schools like Albany State and Valdosta State this season.

ASU alum Antonio Leroy was with the team last year, and says he likes the direction it's going.

"It's always nice to play with a guy who was probably the best player on his old team. Now you bring all that talent together, and you should have a winning team. We WILL have a winning team."

Davis adds, "We've got a lot of guys from Albany State and Valdosta State and a couple of other local schools. You don't need to go any further than South Georgia to find players."

The Wildcats have open practice from 5 to 7pm Monday through Friday at Albany State.

They'll open the season April 8th at home against Tennessee Valley.

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