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Rural areas recover slowly from Katrina

March 12, 2006

Albany--It's been nearly six months since Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast.

While New Orleans, Biloxi, and Gulf coast cities are starting the recovery process, one south Georgian lady who traveled to Mississippi says rural areas there have not been so lucky.

Even months after Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, the storm's damage can still be seen in rural areas throughout Mississippi. "These small towns had just as much damage, but you never hear about it," says Laurie Dickson.

However, pictures taken by Laurie Dickson's visit to areas marked only by destruction speak volumes.

"We saw a lot of devastation, but there was total obliteration in some areas. Words just don't describe it and pictures don't descibe it," says Dickson.

Throughout the areas hardest hit, trees are gone, and homes and buildings destroyed.

"They still don't have road signs up," says Dickson.  And the stench along the coastal region does not seem to vanish.

"It smells like going to the city dump, bad enough that you don't have sea gulls," she says.

Dickson says cleanup in rural areas throughout Mississippi seem to be moving slowly. "It seems to me that the areas that have the most money, or the business end of it, like Gulf Port, Buloxi, they have the contractor help," she says.

For now, Dickson is doing her part to help the victim's of Katrina. "We took satellite dishes, toasters, coffee pots, household items," she says.

However,she's not the only south Georgian lending a helping hand to those in need.

"We saw license plates from Worth County, we saw license plates from the Tift area," she says.

As the Gulf Coast rebuilds, Dickson encourages others to chip in and also rebuild lives. "They need help," she says.

Especially those living outside the cities.

Dickson plans to make a third trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast within the next few weeks to deliver more donations.

If you would like to make a donation to victim's of Hurricane Katrina, here are a list of contact numbers below:

Joan Coleman (Waveland)


For IRS Tax Deduction monetary donations

Waveland Citizen Fund 501 (c)(3)

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

Primary distribution center for the Bay St. Louis and Waveland area

Contact for donations and volunteering: 228-467-2186

Katrina's Kitchen

For donations and volunteer work in Pass Christian area





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