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Weather draws crowds to Chehaw

March 12, 2006

Albany -- The warmer weather has enticed many people to spend time outside this weekend. At the Parks at Chehaw, officials say  good weather business has increased overall this year.

The Seamone Family is visiting from Ontario, Canada. For them, Sunday's weather was perfect for a walk through the zoo.

"It's a beautiful sunny day, nice and warm, wear shorts and nice short sleave shirts and see the animals," said Ray Seamone.

Many others have been visiting the zoo to see exhibits like pink flamingos, monkeys and lemurs. Some people say that the weather has brought them outside.

"It's perfect sunny weather," said zoo visitor Alexander Rolfe.

Zoo curator Jan Thompson says good weather has increased attendance this year over the previous.

"That's usually one of our slowest months January and February, but we've had some nice weekends. We've got a lot of new things at the zoo that a lot of people are coming to check out," explained Thompson.

Cheetah cubs Khy, Elly, Marisca and Roswell are the some of the newest residents at the Parks of Chehaw and quickly becoming some of the most popular.

"These cubs are playful and they can interact with keepers and they really notices the guests... so there's something for everyone," said Thompson. 

For these cooler-weather natives, South Georgia has something to remember.

"Definately the weather, the scenery," said Ray Seamone.

Scenery young Laura Seamone wants to bring back home.

"So I can share them with my class," said Laura Seamone.

For Laura, a sunny day was the perfect day to capture the moment.

Park officials say another new exhibit may be ready by summertime. A Birds of Prey Center is underway and will include an eagle exhibit and an ampitheatre for bird shows.



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