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Sylvester housing fair draws crowd

March 11, 2006

Sylvester -- The city of Sylvester is helping residents find housing choices in the community. Today was the very first Housing Fair at City Hall to help local residents find ways to repair and existing home or build a brand new home from scratch.

The event is to help get rid of substandard homes in the area. Availible counseling included financing a home, down payment help, and even help for people who have existing damage to their home. There was also several books of floor plans for those who may be looking to build.

"We have need something like this for a long time. We need more houses that people can live in, more good houses. There are a lot of substandard houses here in the city. I think this is a very good thing," said Sylvester resident Shirley Smith.

"We're so proud to see them come out and this is one of our most successful program for housing to come out," said Council Member for Ward 1 Melvin Powell.

Organizers say the event was very successful in helping people find ways to pay for repairs or building a new home.



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