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Big Brothers and Sisters mentor children

March 11, 2006

Albany -- There's something magical about touching a child's life as a role model for some people. And that's exactly what some Big Brothers and Big Sisters were doing today in Albany. Many big brothers and big sisters were out at Lake Loretta, and the program has really changes lives for people who get involved.

There's something about the sparkle in little Henry Walker's eyes that reeled Sean Hendley right into him.

"Teaching him things and watching in enjoy new experiences like fishing," Sean Hendley said.

That's why Sean is involved in the Big Brother Big Sister's program of South Georgia. He spends at least two to four days a month with Henry, doing activites Henry wouldn't usually get to do.

"We get to do stuff like fish," Henry explained.

Henry's real sister 5-year-old Sheree Walker also has a Big Sister.

Paula Youngblood gets a lot out of spending time with Sheree, and hopes little Sheree feeds into it as well.

"There's kids in the community that need people who can just spend time with them, love them. She's a blessing," Big Sister Paula Youngblood said.

Program organizers say the time spent with a child may keep them out of trouble one day.

"It is a problem even if it's just one child that gets caught up in a cycle of early pregnancy, having kids too young, getting into drugs, getting into trouble," Program Manager Tabitha Huckaby said.

Sean doesn't want his little brother going down the wrong path. He hopes to show Henry that he can tackle anything he wants to in life.

"They learn there's more things in life than that. They learn to be a good person through it," Sean Hendley said.

In the eyes of a child, there are some things only a big brother or sister can share.

The event included fishing, a cook-out, and an awards ceremony at Lake Loretta in Albany. The most enthusiastic child took home a big trophy.

Sponsors of Saturday's event included Reynolds, Shugart & Associates, Inc., Allied Waste, and Artesian Sertoma.

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters program is always looking for good role models to apply to mentor a child. If you'd like more information on the program or to become a Big Brother or Big Sister go to or call 1-866-614-4215 toll free.



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