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Psychologists say young suicide is rare

March 10, 2006

Lee County -- Child pyschologist Nick Carden says suicide is rare, but possible with pre-adolescent children. He says teenagers tend to be the more suicidal than young children who haven't developed proper logic. But even children can show signs of mental illness.

"Children tend to get agitated. Kids tend to withdraw. Kids tend to have difficulty with interpersonal relations. Those are some of the signs of depression and we know that depression is sometimes a cause of suicide," Carden explains. 

He suggests parents talk to children about mental health, stress, and happiness no matter what age.

Georgia lawmakers are trying to come up with ways to prevent suicide. About 900 Georgians kill themselves every year.

More Georgians die from suicide than homicide. It's the third most common cause of death for Georgians ages 15 to 34.

This week the State House passed a bill to create a state suicide prevention program. The state would collect information on suicides and attempted suicide and implement a statewide reporting system. 

It would also provide education and training programs for people including teachers, clergy, and family of people at high risk for suicide.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, here are some suicide prevention hotlines. You can call 1-800-SUICIDE,  1-800-273-talk, Or 229-430-4052.



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