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Motorcyclists build a Georgia city

March 9, 2006

Unadilla-- How easy do you think it would be to build your own city from scratch? One Georgia man is making his dream of a haven for motorcycles and music come true.

It's a 2 million dollar construction project. Wayne Smith along with George Hyatt both express their passion for motorcycles with the Iron Angels Calendar. Now that love will jump off the pages and into a city built on a dream.

Signs point the way to a world thought of in one man's dream. "It's for everybody," says Wayne Smith. To get there, you just travel down a dirt road and you'll see the dream coming to life. "We call it Angel City," says Smith.

A flag is placed at the city of angels built with lots of timber and hard labor, all worth it for Smith. "I built the town," says Smith. It's a town built after his own heart, a 400 acre theme park just for bikers. It will be complete with restaurants and retailers. The new city replaces red dirt and green fields just three miles from Unadilla.

"This was a pasture. It was cattle running around out here," says Smith.

But now, the space may be placed on the Georgia map. "I don't know when they make a new map if they'll put us on there or not. I hope so," says Smith. There's a giant ampitheater, still a work in progress. It's certainly big enough to draw any big named act. Wayne hopes the music is loud enough to bring thousands to the city.

"All over the country and I've got people now calling from Washington state, New York, Chicago," says Smith. When they get there, Angel City would be like motorcycle heaven.

"That's it, nothing like it on earth," says Smith.

On what could be called the wild west of the south, the city's mayor continues to shoot for the stars. "I'm just one of them people that reach for that unreachable star and that's what you have to do. Keep pushing ahead and make your dream come true," says Smith.

That dream was once as far as the sky, the same sky that now covers a city built for motorcycle angels.

Angel City is annexed into the city of Unadilla. Smith says it will bring in lots of revenue and help local charities as well. The city will hold a grand opening on April 20th with the Iron Angels Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival. They expect at least 30,000 people to come from all over the country.



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