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Police confiscate computers, child porn

March 9, 2006

Bainbridge -- More than 1,600 child pornography images are confiscated from a Bainbridge man's home, and he is a now behind bars. Police say it's one of the largest collections of child pornography found in the state of Georgia.

Janie Clump and her husband were enjoying a quiet Wednesday afternoon when the police arrived next door. "The only thing I saw was the police got out of the car and went there to the door and my husband told me they bust the door open and I said well my goodness what's going on," she said.

She was shocked to find out her neighbor was arrested for child pornography just 10 yards from her home. "Police told us it was 1,600, one thousand six hundred different pictures. My goodness, no we didn't know anything about that."

Thirty-year- old Michael Henry is facing 20 counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count child molestation. Seven months ago an unidentified source turned the six hard drives and 283 CDs full of child pornography images over to police.

Bainbridge Police seized more items from the home yesterday including four or five more hard drivers and hundred of other CDs. "Primarily right now it looks like downloaded off the Internet type things off of a file sharing network," said Bainbridge Investigator James Dollar.

Police have yet to go through what they found yesterday, but hope its nothing like they already found. "They were very graphic images, there were um obviously minor children involved in sexual acts posing nude and probably in a manner that wouldn't be considered art," said Dollar.

Janie Clump is stunned and confused by her neighbor's actions. "It really hurt me now, it did, because they seemed like such nice neighbors."

The new evidence will be sent to the GBI crime lab for analysis and police expect to file more charges against Henry.

Henry's two children are in the custody of DFACS workers.

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