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Oncologists say war on cancer is being won

March 9, 2006

Albany -- Two of the top Cancer experts in the world will speak at an education forum for Phoebe's Cancer Center in Albany April 27th. Hundreds of Southwest Georgia Doctors are expected to attend.

Oncologists say this is one way the war against cancer is being won.

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Terry Kraus and Medical Oncologist Dr. Phillip Roberts say the news in Cancer Therapy is good today.

Dr. Roberts said, "The number of cancer deaths in the U.S. decreased this year. First time ever."

They say one of the reasons for more cancer survivors is that doctors across the world are working together, sharing information leading to successful therapy. That sparked the forum, at which two University of Florida Cancer Surgeons, Dr. Stephen Grobmyer and Dr. Mark Scarborough will speak.

They are renowned for their expertise in Sarcomas, a rare form of soft tissue cancer. Dr. Terry Kraus said, "The University of Florida were one of the first to recognize the necessity of treatment in sarcomas."

Southwest Georgia cancer specialists have been invited to attend the forum, where they will hear about the latest research advances. For Southwest Georgia cancer patients, it's a promise of first class treatment.

Dr. Kraus said, "And really get some important historical perspective of what is the best way to treat cancer."

Dr. Kraus and Dr. Roberts say in their more than 25 years each of practice, this is the most exciting and promising time in cancer treatment, as experts like the Florida Oncologists deliver the latest research information to Southwest Georgia Doctors.

Southwest Georgia has one of the highest cancer death rates in the nation. Phoebe's Cancer Center diagnosed 1,800 new diagnosed cancer patients last year.

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