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Students learn safety for spring break

March 9, 2006

Valdosta - Only one day of classes left, then V.S.U. students will pack their bags and head to their spring break destinations. "I’m going to Fernindina Beach," said Harry Beagler.

"My friends and I are going to Panama City Florida," said D.J. Poole.

It will be a week filled with sun and fun, and hopefully, safety. The college is preparing its students for difficult situations they may face on their trips at the Safe Spring Break Fair. "We want them to be safe, make it a good time, relax and have fun, but come back safely," said Mark Williams, Fair Organizer.

They’re getting information on everything from date rape drugs to safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and traveling in groups. "It’s always good to be amongst your friends, someone you know and trust," said Vernotis Williams, Valdosta Police Officer.

Then there’s one of the biggest problems students often encounter on spring break, drinking and driving. By wearing beer goggles and driving a golf cart around a mock D.U.I. obstacle course, they get a feel for how dangerous drinking and driving actually is. "It looked like everything was blurry, that cone was over there but it was really over there," said Amanda Haman.

"Its really hard, I was having trouble even walking to the golf cart," said Poole.

The students are running over cones on the obstacle course today, but the message the college wants to get across is that in real life, those cones could be other vehicles, or even people.  "I tell them that everything they hit could be someone's kid, even their own child," said Williams.

It’s a situation that none of these students want to face, and by applying the lessons learned today, they won’t have to.



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