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Georgia ranks low in livability

March 8, 2006

Albany -- Are you happy with where you live? We may think Georgia has a lot going for it, but the people behind a ranking of the most livable states disagree.

An annual survey by a publishing company lists Georgia deep in the bottom half; the 38th most livable state. And you might be surprised at what state tops the list.

For Georgia native Yvonne Williams, the Peach state is picture perfect. "They made a mistake because I think we should be up there somewhere."

By up there she means number one; where New Hampshire took the top spot. "New Hampshire's number one I don't understand what's in New Hampshire that is so wonderful?"

Ciara Lovitt loves the snow, so she has something to say about Georgia's weather. "It's really humid and I don't like the humidity."

Weather is one of 44 factors considered for the ranking. Unfortunately, southern hospitality isn't. "You can wave to people down south. Up north, can I do the finger thing?"

South Georgia's rural charm may be a plus for some, but it's not climbing to the top of everyone's list. "I'm a city girl if I could be in the city that's where I'd be."

While some people say their favorite states are somewhere up north. "Ohio that's where my family is from."

"I'd probably live in Pennsylvania."

"Portland Maine most definitely."

The real southern pair say only one state tops their list. "Georgia. Georgia, got to be Georgia. I don't know too much about Vermont or Iowa, but I do know a lot about Georgia."

Where ever Georgia may rank for the Most Livable state, best friends Denetra Pickett and Yvonne Williams are sure to stay, and play for a while.

So what are the most livable states? According to the study, the top five are New Hampshire, Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, and New Jersey. The bottom five are South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Those 44 factors include everything from crime and poverty rates to the cost of electricity of the number of books libraries have.

You can see the complete rankings and factors if you go to


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