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Resident lives in fear

March 8, 2006

Albany -- An East Albany woman says gang members ransacked her house in retaliation for her getting street lights repaired in their neighborhood. The mother of three has left her home because of threats.

Erica White returned home Monday to find her home ransacked. "It was like 20 boys came and posted up in front of my house."

White says the gang broke in for retaliation. "They call themselves the Fifth Ward boys, some type of gang."

Her home was looted, and some of her things were taken. "They took two Playstations, and all the games, my cell phone, and like five dollars."

But the fear grew, when someone tried to break in again during the night. "Makes me feel real scared, they came back again, they pried her window open in her room."

White said the trouble started when she called the city to have street lights on South Riverview Circle fixed after they had been shot out. The lights were fixed Friday, then White said the gang gathered in front of her home to tell her they didn't like it.

White said "He said 'We do what we want to do in this neighborhood. We don't need lights around here, it needs to be dark.'"

A single mother of three children, White is scared, and says she knows she has to leave. "But then if I leave they'll come back and get all my other items. So I don't know what to do at this point."

A couple of the street lights around her home have already been shot out. Erica White says she will move as soon as she can, to protect her family. Yesterday City commissioners were told that street lights were being shot out all over town.

Albany Police have made no arrests in the burglary of White's home. In fact, very few burglaries in Albany are ever solved.

Albany Police crime stats report there were more than 1,700 burglaries in the city in 2005. That's an increase of eight percent from 2004, but only 139 of those cases were solved. That's a little over 8 percent.


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