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Would baseball hurt football?

March 8, 2006

Albany -- A potential concern for city leaders is how pro-baseball would effect the South Georgia Wildcats, a sports team that's proven to be successful in Albany.

South Coast Baseball league CEO Jaime Toole says the baseball team wouldn't hurt the Wildcats. Toole say his league would schedule baseball around the eight home arena football games, so fans wouldn't have to choose between the teams.

Wildcats Managing Partner Mike Storen says it might create competition for season tickets sales and sponsorships, but he still supports a baseball team coming here. "If you say, is it a better world for you if there's no competition? Yes. Is that the best thing for the Albany community and south Georgia? No."

Toole said, "The Wildcats are proven and they will keep their fan base and sponsors on board, and naturally they should. But we think there's plenty of room for multiple sports franchises here in Albany."

Storen says as with any town that has multiple sports franchises, the fans decide which teams they want to support and which teams will be a success.

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