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Property to be sold after drug case

March 7, 2006

Albany -- A Dougherty County Judge approved the sale of a home tied to a drug operation run by Dora Wilson.

Wilson is now serving time in federal prison. She plead guilty to using drug money to set up several companies, including Southwest Carting, that still picks up most of Albany's Garbage.

But now One of Wilson s associates says that house really belongs to him, and it should not be sold.

Derrick Bush testified that he gave sixty thousand dollars in cash to Dora Wilson in February 2004 to get her help buying the house at 905 Branch Road in Eastern Dougherty County.

But the receiver running Wilson's companies say his testimony was a joke. Bush plead the Fifth amendment three times during Tuesday's trial. Prosecutors showed that the check issued to buy the house in question came from Dora Wilson, and they say it was bought with drug money.

D. A. Ken Hodges called it "Classic money laundering."

Defense attorney T. Gamble says, "He's trying to go around that and sell property ahead of the game."

Hodges says the sales of the house will go toward helping the company Wilson set up, and which still collects most of the city's garbage, meet its obligations. The D. A. says the defendants failed to pay the payroll and employment withholding taxes of Southwest Carting. "They were stealing money from that organization," Hodges said.

Gamble says that the receiver is actually eating up all the money from the estate in legal fees. "They're churning up a lot of fees, and they've got to have a lot of money. That's a hungry receiver."

Gamble claims the receiver makes from $200 to $300 an hour.

Dora Wilson is in a Florida prison, but the companies she set up are still doing business in Albany.

No trial date has been set for the nearly dozen other defendants charged with being Involved in Dora Wilson's drug trafficking.

    • More information on the number drug cases we see in Albany and Dougherty county.

Drug trafficking is a felony drug charge. There were 577 total felony drug cases in 2005 according to the Albany-Dougherty drug unit.

There were 637 misdemeanor drugs cases, most of which are possession of marijuana under an ounce. The street value of all of these drugs is estimated at $830,000.

Already in 2006, we've had about 100 felony cases, and 120 misdemeanor cases.


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