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Lofty goal lands Thomasville man in record book

March 7, 2006

Thomasville -- Fortson Rumble has been skydiving for the last ten years. Just last month he was one of just 130 Americans to participate in a World Record Jump over Thailand.

Rumble has a regular nine to five job managing his office supply store in Thomasville. It's his hobby that's taking him to new heights and put him in the record books.

"This is just a way to get away from work, from the day to day pressures of work. On the weekends, I would jump on Saturdays, every Saturday or every other Saturday," he said. But Fortson's not your typical adrenaline junkie, skydiver. "I was scared to death the first time I did it, and you should be."

For him, it's an art and something he's worked at for the past six years. The big pay off was last month's world record jump in Thailand. "The Thai government really sponsors this, they're very, very big on it, it's for their king in celebration of his 60-th year on the thrown."

"In this shot, I am right there and your friend Jack, My buddy Jack Donovan is right there."

It can be dangerous navigating the skies with 400 other skydivers. "Normally the break off, when you're leaving the formation is probably the trickiest point, but it was so well worked out, there was really no excitement at all."

The excitement came on the ninth jump, when all 400 dove their way into the record book. "There were only about 30 new people from America put on it, so to have two from south Georgia was very gratifying and especially because I was one of them."

When the sky's the limit, there's always a chance the record will be broken. Whether Fortson plans to be there is still up in the air. Fortson Rumble was actually one of the skydivers with lower jump numbers during this jump.

Most skydivers participating have jumped about 4,600 times, Rumble is coming up on his two thousandth jump. Jack Donovan from Thomasville also participated in the World Record Jump.


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