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South Georgia missionaries travel to Africa

March 6, 2006

Albany--Ghana is one of the world's poorest countries. Some south Georgia missionaries are hoping to change that. Ten missionaries from the River Broad Church of Christ recently traveled to the west African country.

They're helping to build a better future for the people there.

These pictures show the blood, sweat, and tears of one village's dream of escaping poverty, through education. "Sweat, sweat, sweat, a ton of sweat, and hard work," says Courtney Proctor.

For several weeks, south Georgia missionaries helped lay the foundation by building a school for one Ghana village.

"We were pretty much giving them a future by going over there, and building the school," says Dafenee Spurlin.

And they did so without the aid of any fancy equipment. "They had a lot of hole diggers for the ground breaking," says Spurlin.

Day by day, the missionaries and villages cleared the land.

"We had to clear off a lot of brush, grown up plants, stuff like that," says Spurlin.

As well as shovel dirt, and burn bushes, and carry cement.

"You'll grab the mud, you'll haul it on the head, probably over a hundred yards until you give it to another guy," says Proctor.

"I carried some of the cement over there. It was lot of manual work," says Spurlin.

Villagers believe the way out of poverty is through education, the school will focus on guiding students to the Christian faith.

"You know how we take Christ out of school here, that's like a curriculum for them," says Proctor.

These south Georgia missionaries say they felt called to help make a different in the lives of those less fortunate than they are.

"That's one of the things that they teach in the Bible, we're supposed to go over there and give charity work, and that's one of things I really wanted to do," says Spurlin.

And they say they'll continue helping people in poverty stricken countries in Africa, as long as there's a need.

The missionaries continue to raise money to complete the school. They need about $16,000. The school is scheduled to open in August.


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