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It's tilling time

March 6, 2006

Thomasville -- Several days of warm weather has sparked spring fever across South Georgia. Garden Centers are picking up business, and customers will soon be picking flowers from their own backyards.

Ahh, the arrival of spring. On days like this, it's hard to stay inside. But some outdoor fun, can also be hard work.

"It is absolutely beautiful," says planter Frances Herndon. "I just love being outside, and this is just a fun thing for us."

"Start putting the dirt around, Nick." Frances Herndon and her son Nick, with a little help their dog, are planting spring flowers. "Okay boys, let's put another hole right here."

But if you're not as landscape talented as Frances, you can always ask for help.

I don't know anything about planting. I don't have a green thumb. So, if you're like me, you don't know what to plant and when to plant it, what's good for right now?

"Actually, right now is an excellent time to plant shrubbery, if you need to do landscaping in your yard," said Karen Crosby of NeSmith Nursery.

You can put in cool-weather annuals/perennials like Petunias, snap dragons, and begonias. Gerber daisies do well in the hot South Georgia weather. And here's a tip: most nurseries will only have plants that are season ready on sale, so they should be safe to plant.

Or at least, a lot of fun for everyone involved. During the past couple of weeks, business at NeSmith Nursery in Thomasville has doubled.

They now see about 25 customers per day, compared to the ten a day they saw just a few weeks ago.


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