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250 new jobs brewing in Coffee County

March 6, 2006

Douglas- A 26 million dollar investment in Coffee County will bring more than 250 jobs to Douglas. American Insulated Wire will begin hiring at the end of this month. It's taking over the old Tecumseh Engine Manufacturing Plant.

For three years, this Douglas plant has sat empty, the more than 500 jobs flown south to Brazil. Monday, that all changed. Hundreds turned out to hear more about Douglas' newest employer.

"We look to have some actually construction started by the end of this month out here, we're going to be doing a lot of infrastructure type things,," said Ed Skukalek, Vice President-Midwest, American Insulated Wire.

An aggressive effort by the community and the state will put 50 people to work by the years end.

"This community has always been aggressive for jobs for Georgians and I like it. This is the fruit of their labor. They've been aggressive for years and have stood out as one of our communities in Georgia that have gone after business," said Gov. Sonny Perdue.

The workforce will grow to 250 in three years. By offering incentives, Douglas beat out other states and cities.

"We were able to use a million dollar edge fund grant, that's the Capstone, but let me just say that never works without a strong community," said Perdue.

For a company that prides itself on being committed to its product and employees, it may be the warm reception that made Douglas a winner in the end.

"When it all came down to it, it came down to the people and that's where Douglas won out," said Skukalek.

The company will be looking for both skilled and unskilled labor and hopes this plant will stay busy for years to come. The American Insulated Wire plant in Douglas will make wire that transmits power for both residential and industrial use.

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