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City paints its history

March 5, 2006

Colquitt -- We've all heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well one South Georgia community is telling its history with murals painted around the town. The murals are gaining statewide attention.

A bill moving through the state house will name Colquitt as the Georgia's very "First Mural City." So far ten murals are completed on outside walls of many downtown buildings. They're all part of the Millenium Murals Project. Some say this is a way to tell a story as they beautify the city.

A barren wall in Colquitt's town square... is prepped and ready for a story.

"All the murals are about stories, an interlocking theme, that happened here in Colquitt and Miller counties so people just feel a part of this and ownership of the murals."

Jennifer Trawick plans what murals will go where in Colquitt. A job that paints the pride of a city's history... and a sense of a communities growth.

"It definately gives life to the city and it also encourages new businesses to move into town. We have a lot of walking traffic in the city so as they're walking they look at the murals and shop."

Attractions like the murals and theatrical plays draw crowds from out of state to Colquitt. Joe Walsh is a tour bus driver from Florida. He has brought a new group to town six times in the past couple of years.

"They really enjoy it. They go back and tell other people about it and we put another tour together. They enjoy it."

Enjoying the history and stories of the city are what the murals are all about.

The far circle is the bike brigade Jennifer Trawick explains. It's about a group of guys who rode bikes to the fire station when responding to a call... it is inspiration to the fire department says Trawick 

A finished mural shares the small town history for years to come.

A total of 20 murals will color the city when the project is complete. The bill to name Colquitt First Mural City was passed by the House and awaits vote by the Senate. The murals, some of which can cost up to 25-thousand dollars, are funded by grants.