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Allergies may attack pets

March 3, 2006

Albany -- As spring approaches you may let your dog out more to play outside. They may breathe in allergins in the air like pollen. No big deal? Well... it might be.

Kate Whiting has been Porkchop's owner for seven years. Porkchop was still a puppy when Kate noticed the dog scratched a lot and developed scabs under his legs and ears. That's when Kate took her boxer pup to the vet.

"He said I want to test him for allergies and I thought that was crazy." But it turned out the doctor was right.

"He certainly was allergic to certain proteins in his dog food and allergies from outside."

Veterinarian Charlie Deriso says pet owners forget that animals can suffer the same way humans do.

"Pollens grasses molds fleas particularly is another thing they are allergic to. Most of the things humans are allergic to pets can be too."

Because of allergies Porkchop watches his friends get all the treats, but Kate says it's for his own good.

"I know it irritates his skin and he doesn't like it at all. I can tell. I just want him to be happy. That's all."

For this boxer, happiness is an allergin-free treat.

If your pet often chews on his feet... sneezes... or scoots across the floor . . . you may want to have him tested for allergies.

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