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Thomasville musician returns to his roots

March 3, 2006

Thomasville -- Steven Clawson grew up in Thomasville listening to country music and singing at church, now he's gaining national attention and airtime on local radio stations.

Clawson and his band could be considered rising stars. Thursday they were on national TV and now his home town will get to hear just how restless the future may be for Steven and his new CD.

"I'm excited and kind of nerve racked to see what they think, but it's a lot of energy going, we're all pumped," he says.

The guys met in college and put out their first CD Southern Soul, but the newest effort, Restless is different. "It's a lot more non country," Clawson said. "It's a lot more folk and soul, but I still feel like it's still honest and people that liked southern soul that they will definitely like this CD."

America seems to be catching on.Thursday the group appeared on the WB's, The Daily Buzz. "It's always cool to know that you're on live national TV and the exposure that it can get you, that will just do more for you than anything else."

Through their music you can hear the differing influences. "I started out with Garth and when I found Elvis, I dove into Elvis, I'm an Elvis dork."

"I cut my teeth on old Nirvana records and you know the Beetles, the Beach Boys," said Matt.

"The oldies, riding around with old Pop in the Camry," said Kyle.

But it all comes together in an effort that seems to be paying off. "That's what we're hoping, the first CD laid the ground work and this CD. Were looking to really skyrocket with this one," Clawson said.

Propelling Steven Clawson and his band to bigger and better things. "I think for us we just want to be able to make a living doing this," said Clawson. "That's what we always wanted to do a million dollars, is a million dollars, that's really good living, just to be able to have this as our main means of income and to do this as a living is all that we really wanted."

It's exactly what Steve Clawson is singing about.

Steven Clawson plays tonight at the Thomasville Cultural Center at 7:30. Tickets are $12.50 on the floor and $7.50 in the balcony.

Check out Clawson and his band at their website.


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