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Albany intersection gains national attention

February 28, 2006

Albany--More than a few drivers have gotten a chuckle as they passed through the intersection of Lonesome and Hardup Roads in Albany.

Now that intersection has been voted one of the ten funniest street names in the country.

Folks living near the intersection say it's been the butt of jokes for years.

"They say you really hardup if you live on Hardup, and you really lonesome if you live on Lonesome Road," says Rose Bruce.

"They think you don't have no woman. You too old to be hard up," says William Murphy.

There are eighteen homes near the intersection. Many people who live here say they have a hard time explaining the two names.

"They say 'where you live?' I say Hardup Road. They say,  'where's that?' I say, near Lonesome Road, next to Leary Road!" says Kurtis Luckey.

"I think that's one of the worst, Hardup Road," says Debra Luckey.

But neighbors here have an explanation as to how the intersection became to be so unusually named.

"They must've been drunk," says Murphy.

But if you think Lonesome Road and Hardup Road are some pretty wacky names, the list gets even better.

Other street names topping the top list from around the country include Fararfrompoopen Road in Tennessee and Psycho Path in Michigan.

"I'm glad I'm not on those roads," says Kurtis Luckey.

"I wouldn't like to live by a street by that name," says Rose Bruce.

Instead, they'll stick to the one they live on and just let the jokes keep rolling.

That contest was sponsored by Car Connection. Other winners included the corner of Clinton and Fidelity in Texas and Divorce Court in Pennsylvannia.



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