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Law men catch drug dealers

February 28, 2006

Cairo -- Three methamphetamine busts resulting in four arrests in just two days in Grady and Mitchell counties have the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force and three sheriff's offices concerned.

From their mailbox the Johnson's can see the sheriff office's latest methamphetamine bust. "It's kind of scary knowing that it's this close to where we're living," said Lance Johnson.

Christopher Welch was making methamphetamine in the woods behind his home and storing it in the house. "We found methamphetamine, we found children laying on methamphetamine on the couch which is extremely dangerous for a child," said Grady County Sheriff Harry Young.

The most recent string of three busts between Grady and Mitchell counties started Saturday night resulting in four arrests. "Set the meth lab up in a hotel here in town Saturday night, and it's gone on from there," Young said.

The sheriff's office has confiscated more than six cars used to transport the drug between Thomas, Grady and Mitchell counties making the suspect harder to find and stop. "They'll make it one place, and then they'll move around and take it to another house," said Young.

The community can help in the fight by notifying police if you see tanks like these around a house or near a wooded area, and if you smell the strong odor of ammonia. "It's a different smell, I mean you don't just smell ammonia that much unless someone is spraying ammonia nitrate on their field," Young said.

It's gotten the attention of Lance Johnson who plans to pay more attention to his neighborhood. "It's kind of scary knowing that we have that element out here, because we got kids running around," said Lance Johnson.

So in the future he might be able to alert police to any other suspicious activity. The Grady County Sheriff's Office recently began a methamphetamine Watch Program. It's meant to educate students about the dangers of methamphetamine and to deal with repeat offenders.


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