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Wounded dog needs a good home

February 28, 2006

Valdosta - Monty is a typical, playful puppy. He loves to play fetch and tug of war, and you would never know of his traumatic history, until you see his scars. "He'll probably never get fur back where his burns were," said Bill Shultz, Animal Control Supervisor.

Three teenagers poured gas on the defenseless puppy and set him on fire back in August. Monty has been recovering at the Lowndes County Shelter for almost seven months. "He was a little underweight when we got him, along with the burns, so he’s had to be fed and have ointment and medicine put on the burns until they healed," said Shultz.

It’s been a long, hard road to healing, but finally, Monty’s ready to start a new life. When we first brought you his story, calls from people interested in adopting him poured into the animal shelter but now that he’s up for adoption, they seem to have lost interest. "I think that before it was in the press, in the newspapers and on several tv channels, we just had a lot of publicity and now that its out of the lime light, people forgot," said Shultz.

But Monty isn’t your average dog, and will require a little extra care. "This will be a special needs adoption," said Because of his scars, he can’t spend much time in the sun and will need to be kept indoors.

And when he does go outside, his new owners must take extra precaution. "It probably won’t hurt to put sunscreen on him or you could probably get a light weight sweater to put on him to cover up from the sun," said Shultz.

He’ll need a little more attention and will have to live his life a bit more carefully than most dogs, but with the right family, Monty will get the love and affection that every dog deserves.

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