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Robberies, break-ins spawns neighborhood watch programs

February 28, 2006

Albany -- Now Albany Police offer you the chance to learn more about crime and law enforcement.

Sue Keenan graduated from Albany Citizen's Police Academy last year. She learned a lot about crime riding with Police Officers on patrol. "Things to fix your house so that it's easier for the Police to spot that there is something wrong. It made me go home and cut down some bushes."

Keenan says people concerned about crime in their neighborhood and Police can learn a lot in the Citizen's Academy. "When you watch the crime stuff on TV, it's all solved real quick. That doesn't happen in real life. It was just interesting to see."

The Citizen's Police Academy meets for three hours every Tuesday night for 12 weeks, giving people an up close look at Albany Police and their community.

Coordinators expect a full class because of the surge in neighborhood watch programs. APD Lt. Tracey Barnes said "It will really help. We get into certain parts about how to certain ways to make your area more safe, also the communication really helps."

There are still slots available for the Citizen's Police Academy. Sue Keenan recommends it to people concerned about their community and crime. "After like each session I was real excited, because I would go home and tell everybody this was like what they were telling us last night at the drug unit's."

The ninth year of the Citizen's Police Academy starts March 14th. If you would like to sign up, call the Albany Police.


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