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Propane gas company truck stolen

February 27,  2006

Albany -- A downtown Albany gas business wants to know who stole one of their truck's this weekend, causing a lot of damage.

About 4 O-clock Saturday someone stole this Modern Gas delivery truck that was stored in their yard. The thief backed the truck through their fence, and then smashed into a fireplace display in their storefront.

Sunday night Police found the truck abandoned at the corner of Mulberry Street and Central Avenue. Modern Gas Vice President Mark Holloway said "We've probably got about a thousand dollars in brickwork that is damaged, and probably about another five hundred dollars in fence work that has got to be redone. But the truck is a pretty heavy duty truck, and it didn't damage it at all."

Holloway said about 15 cylinders of propane gas are missing from their yard, and were probably stolen over the weekend while their fence was smashed.

Holloway said a number of witnesses say they saw the truck being driven around the Mulberry neighborhood Sunday, and he asks anyone with information to call the Police.


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