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Yard clippings pile up

February 27, 2006

Thomasville -- Confusion over yard waste pickup has some Thomasville streets looking overgrown with yard clippings. And the people who live there aren't happy about it. So now, it'll be picked up twice a month rather than once a month.

Keeping the Rose City looking clean and smelling like roses is no easy task, and when that doesn't happen, people complain. "Complaints and concerns that there wasn't any predictability on their yard trash pickup date," said Thomasville Solid Waste Director Nate Tyler.

So the city's solid waster department went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan for picking up yard debris. Basically they've split the city in two using Highway 319 or Jackson Street as the boundary.

"The residents that are located on the East Side of the border we get them on the first and third week of each month. The ones that live on the west of that border, the Cairo side, we get those the second and fourth weeks of the month," Tyler said.

Eventually the goal will be to give residents the exact day of the week crews will be by. To accomplish the task the city is calling for reinforcements. "We added another additional truck so, we're buying a new grapple hook truck and adding an additional crew."

The trucks can handle nearly seven thousand pounds of debris each, something that will be an asset when storm season arrives. Overall the effort hopes to keep Thomasville looking nice.

"We want folks to come and visit and be with us and one of the thinks that attracts folks to town is having a clean city," said Tyler.

The new plan has been in place for the last month and appears to be working, leaving Thomasville's streets clean and keeping crews busy as bees.

The Solid Waste Department services over six thousand homes in Thomasville. Their goal is to collect clippings from at least 600 homes a day.

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